31 Things I am grateful for- Part 1

31 things I'm grateful for

Hey loves!

I hope that all is well with you, and you are having an amazing week so far.

So In 2 weeks, I will be turning 31 years old.

Honestly speaking I still can’t believe it, I am really about to enter Chapter 31. Thirty has been amazing and I’m expecting this next year to be even better.

I was sitting at home over the weekend trying to brainstorm what I could possibly do in honor of my birthday on my blog and I decided to write a mini series 31 things that I am grateful for. I think that it is fitting and it is only right to express gratitude in the month of Thanksgiving.

Here is part one! I will be publishing a list every Friday up until my birthday (November 23) I am not going to go in any particular order, I will just express them as I think about them.

  1. God
  2. Life
  3. Daughter
  4. Family
  5. Friends
  6. My Supporters- I appreciate you all so much!
  7. Health
  8. Mind
  9. My Voice
  10. My Spirit

Thank you so much for stopping by my little corner on the internet. I truly appreciate each one of you!

I will publish Part 2 of my list next Friday.

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What are you grateful for this month?

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