5 secrets to start your Health and Fitness journey this Fall

Jump starting your fitness journey

Hey loves,

I hope your day has been amazing so far! Now to start off, I am not an expert in this (at least not officially just yet), but this is a question I get asked quite often and based off a few polls I ran on my social media accounts I feel that it’s the perfect subject to discuss.Do you want to know my top 5 secrets  to starting your health and fitness journey this Fall? Lets get into it.

5 secrets to Start your health and Fitness Journey


1. You absolutely must, Shift your mindset and believe you can do this.

In other words,

Let the excuses go.

Now I am not in no way saying that I don’t drown myself in my own excuses from time to time. Sometimes life does tend to hit us in a way that prevents us from doing what we know we should be doing. But you have to understand when it comes to starting your health and fitness journey,
You must believe in yourself.
Eliminate the self sabotage. Speak positivity into yourself. Instead tricking and convincing your mind into believing why you can’t do it, ask yourself my favorite question.

Why not me?

2.  You must be realistic.

No, you can’t drop 60 pounds in one month.
You cant still eat WingStop and expect to lose weight.
If you are not consistent, you will go backwards, or even end up worse than where you first started.

Simple as that.

3. Set both short and long term goals.

Now that we got those first two things out the way, its time to set some goals.

Here is some tips on how to do that:

  • Think about what your long term goal may be. Be specific about it.
    Are you looking to lose a specific amount of weight? Fit into a certain size? Or feel better and improve your health? Be as detailed as you possibly can be and write it down somewhere you can look at it daily.
  • Break your long term goal down into smaller short term goals.
    For example, Say for instance your long term goal is to drop 40 pounds in 4 months. You may want to break that into having a goal of losing 10 pounds each month. Breaking your goals down into short term goals will help you feel you can better achieve them.
  • Create an incentive for yourself.
    So lets say you complete your goal, like I know you will. How are you going to reward yourself?
    Here’s an idea. Pay yourself every day you workout, or everyday you stick to your plan. It could be $1, $5, or whatever you can afford. Put this money into a jar, and once you achieve your goal, treat yourself with this money. Some ideas is a new wardrobe, new pair of shoes, or even a massage.

4. Find a person or group to hold you accountable to your goals.

Inform those closest to you of your health and fitness goals. Tell them how important it is for you to reach your goal, and ask them to hold you accountable to the goals you have set for yourself, even on the days you want to cheat. If you do not have anyone who will support you in your health and fitness journey, you can find support groups online, or even in the form of a personal trainer, health coach, or your local gym.

5. Change your diet.

Now lets be honest. This is easier said than done. Most of us have grown up eating a diet that was not too good to our health or our waistline. I know this is the case with me. I know taking small steps in changing my diet is what has worked best for me. Usually I start with eliminating the foods in my diet that I know isn’t the healthiest (ie sodas) and add things in that I know is best for my health ( drinking enough water throughout the day )

I have had many ups and downs throughout my journey, and these are my top 5 secrets to help me get on track. The common misconception about health journeys is its going to be an easy straight shot, and that is the farthest myth from reality.


There will be many highs and lows, but the key is how you choose to deal with it.


So hopefully this helps you with preparing yourself to start your health and fitness journey. Remember, we want to make this a lifestyle change, not a diet.

Jump starting your fitness journey

Thank you so much for visiting my blog! Until next time.

Have a blessed day loves!

Char Apree

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Great steps to achieving a healthy lifestyle. I really enjoyed the part about changing your diet and setting short and long term goals. Short term goals you can complete fast help keep you on track. Diet is the hardest part for me also. Thanks for sharing Char


Def needed to hear this!


My diet def changes in the fall. I know I become more sedentary so I always try and eat more veggies and eat less fatty foods!


To be honest, I do everything this post says NOT to do. I know what I should be doing but I just don’t have the motivation to do. I’m hoping I can find it this fall!

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