Girl! I’m trying to get back on Track!

My weight loss journey struggle

Hey Loves,

Hope you all are having a blessed and amazing week thus far.

I have to say, it’s been going on a little over a month since I have officially launched and began running my blog .I must say that this new experience has taught me so much, the biggest being its ok to be open, vulnerable and transparent.

Now let’s get to the reason why I am writing this post.

I have to be completely real and honest with you ladies, I have been struggling with staying consistent with my own fitness goals .


Just to put things into a little perspective.

This time last year:

  • I was in the gym over an hour daily 4-5 days a week at a minimum. Sometimes I was in the gym 2 times a day, around my day job.
  •  I would eat clean about 95% of the time: a gallon of water a day, meal prepping, and eating every 2-3 hours one cheat meal a week.


As of lately:

  • It has been a struggle to workout 3 days a week, I’d be lucky if I make it 2 days.
  • As far as my eating habits, I eat clean about 70% of the time, it has been a challenge to stay on top of my water intake and it has been easier to convince myself to have a cheat meal more than one time a week Lol.  


My struggle with my journey actually didn’t start until my daughter started middle school, on top of getting adjusted to heavier demands on at my 9-5 job at the same time while  trying to keep my clients on track.

I realized that although I have been slipping, and that ball dropped hard,I refuse to beat myself up over it because I’m reminded this is a lifestyle that I plan on continuing. 

My mindset has completely changed from last year when it comes to my fitness journey for the better.

I desire  to look good physically,but I also want to feel good completely: Spiritually, mentally, as well as emotionally.

Throughout these last few months, although I was struggling to workout 2 times a week, I did spend more time praying, reflecting, and learning; this has satisfied my spirit in so many ways, and I can honestly say I needed this and I am grateful.

Now I am ready to get back to business.

My intention in sharing this post is for two reasons:

1. I want you all to know that sometimes you are not going to feel like doing it, there will be times when life will get hectic and crazy, it’s ok to take a break or take the intensity down sometimes, even with working out. Sometimes that’s a sign from your spirit that you need a little time to ground yourself, rest, and figure out your goals and priorities.

2. I am now recommitted and I will now include you all in my journey to becoming the best version of me. My hope is that I inspire you to do the exact same thing.

As always thank you so much for stopping by.

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Have you ever had moments when just had to take it down a notch? Whether it is fitness or just life in general. Comment below and lets chat about it. 





Same. I had posted on FB one of my goal is to start back working out.


I understand this feeling so well! I came from a place where I was exercising all the time and I was so strong! I was vegan and I just felt better. Now all of that has gone out the window and I need to start again. The difference is, I don’t need to focus only on my physical but make sure I’m mentally and spiritually healthy as well. It takes a lot of work! 😅


I can completely understand this feeling. It can be so easy for me to talk myself into just grabbing that meal from that restaurant or to just relax after work instead heading to the gym. I’m still figuring out how to get past it and push myself forward.

Btw, I admire your dedication (last year and now). Keep pushing, sis!! ✨

ki’ara |


I love the honesty of your post! Who hasn’t fallen off the wagon but the cool part is you are back in action!


This is where I am. I was feeling down on myself today, but I know I have to get back up and get on it.


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