Happy 2019!!! I’m back!!!

Hey Loves!

Long time no talk! Hope all has been well with you all!

I took an unexpected mini break from blogging for the last month or so for a multitude of reasons. First reason is because I needed to rest after my amazing birthday weekend. Then after that I was motivated to complete my a project that I had been working on since the summer which is my Aktive Planner.

As I have discussed many times before, the way the Apree Aktive blog and brand came about was because I felt that being on a fitness journey was way more than working out and eating clean, it also involves a lot of internal work as well and learning to love yourself from the inside out.

I am a big fan of journals and planners (as well as anything that has to do with paper lol) and I thought why not create a transformation planner where you can document your journey and look back on it later on down the line?

So the idea for the Aktive Planner came to me in July of this year, however I wasn’t motivated to actually finish it until last week? Why?

To be honest, I was scared to do it.

Just like I was with this blog, I was fearful of stepping outside of my comfort zone again. I was scared of what other people might have said.

I had to realize that I needed to create this planner just as much as I needed to create this blog.

So it took me a little longer than I expected but the Aktive Planner is done and I CAN NOT WAIT until I am able to share with you all my latest creation.

I will be posting all of the details of the planner next week, and you will also be able to preorder at that time.

I missed you all so much and I am definitely getting back into the swing of things with Apree Aktive. Although I’m already a little tardy to the party and we are now into 2019! I do plan on sharing some amazing stuff with you ladies this year!.

So what have you been up to? Comment below and let’s catch up.

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