Hello November: My November Goals

Hey Loves! Happy November!

Can you believe we are already heading into the holiday season? I know I’m not the only one who always says that the year flew by, but it feels like  2018 really went extremely quick!

Today I wanted to quickly share some of my goals with you ladies, because like I said before, I want to use this platform to not only inspire, but also to hold myself accountable to the things that I know I need to do as well.

Here’s my goals for November:


Produce more fitness and lifestyle related content to you ladies

Since I have started my blog in September, I have been consistently posting blogs twice a week, for the most part. This month I definitely plan on showcasing more posts that are fitness related and figuring out a consistent posting schedule.


Workout at least 3 times a week

So if you haven’t read my previous post about how I have been slacking on my weight loss journey, you can check that out HERE. But ironically, the day I published that post was the same day I ended up in urgent care with a pinched nerve and leg pain.I still haven’t worked out, at all for about 3 weeks.So I am publically recommitting to my workouts, again for the month of November.


Meal Planning

    I mentioned this in my previous blog posts, but when I meal prep is when I tend to get the most results with my fitness journey. My problem taking the time to actually do it! The funny thing is it isn’t hard, and it’s so convenient during my hectic work weeks, but I’ve just been lazy. That’s changing this month, especially with the holidays rolling around.


 Lose 8-10lbs

So as a result of #2 and #3, I have gotten a little fluffier than I would like to be. Luckily I don’t feel extremely bad about it and I am still fitting my clothes nicely, I need to get a handle on this before it gets out of control. I will say that I am not pleased would the fact that my weight has fluctuated quite a bit in the last few months, but that alone will be the motivation to keep me pushing in my journey.


Strengthen my prayer life

I’m at a point in my spiritual journey where I feel like my prayer life is pretty good, but I need to strengthen my spiritual musce just a little harder. Especially with this being my Birthday Month, I feel like this is the perfect time to focus on this goal.


Manage my time better

Now that I am building this brand aside from my regular 9-5 and being a mom (not to mention I want to get back into coaching clients again soon ), I have to figure out and implement a system  work smarter so I can manage everything.


So that’s about it! Aside from the fact of turning another year older, these are the goals that I am going to be working towards this month!


As always thank you so much for stopping by, I appreciate each and every one of you!


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What are some goals for November?


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