Hi Loves!


I want to first start off by saying hello and welcome to my blog!

For those who do not know me yet, I’m Char Apree, I am a author, blogger and fitness enthusiast out of beautiful Los Angeles, CA. I am a mom to an almost 12 year old daughter, I am currently studying to be an American Council on Exercise (ACE) Certified Personal Trainer and I am also a health coach outside of my regular 9-5 job.

In other words, I am BUSY!

Within the last 10 years or so of my fitness journey, experienced many high and low seasons:

Seasons of smashing my fitness goals without even thinking about them.

Then the seasons of not even thinking about fitness because my schedule was too busy for me to do anything about it.


The funniest thing though, is even in the midst of my busy life,

I am a creator at heart

I have be itching to figure out a way to find something to allow me to create..


So why not blog about what I am passionate about?

And that’s how this blog was created.

There is nothing wrong with focusing on your physical health. However,


The goal of this blog is to motivate you to not only  want to aim at getting physically fit.

But also

-practice self-love.

-build spiritual health.

-set and smash life goals, and

– eliminate toxic behavior and friendships.


My hope through my blog is that you take the steps to BE YOUR BEST YOU as well so you can lead the life that not only you deserve, but your loved ones deserve as well.


I am by no means an expert in any of this, I’m just a busy chick who decided to go for it.