My Self Care Sunday

Self Care Sunday Routine

Happy Sunday!!!!

Today I am sharing with you ladies a very important part  of my weekend, which is my self care sunday routine


Generally, my weekdays are CRAZY so when the weekend comes I try to at least spend one day to chill .

Cause girl,

  In between working, being a mom, trying to start up my business, run my household and be healthy on top of that! It’s not easy. My body requires me to reset on the weekend.


I truly enjoy spending a couple of  hours each weekend to unwind and reset, depending on the day and what I feel I need at that moment..

How to relaz after a busy week



The ultimate act of self care to me is sleep! Whether its me sleeping in or taking a nap during the day, but this is almost a requirement for me to function. Now I try to be mindful of trying not to sleep too much because as a new entrepreneur I need to use as much of my freetime as I can to focus on my business. I have learned to listen to my body  and rest when I feel the need to.


I’m just strange like this, but I truly enjoy  and I am obsessed with cleanliness, it helps with my sanity throughout the week. My goal is to do my cleaning on friday nights so I won’t have to spend my weekend doing it; For the most part by Sunday it is already done. In the case that I don’t do it on Sunday, I will make sure that it is done by Sunday.


Detoxing is bae!. Unfortunately, I have not done this as much as I know I should be (which might be a contributing factor as to why I have gained weight recently). I love these teas, I have been using them since I can remember. I also add a little apple cider vinegar in with this or sometimes I will drink some warm fiber.


My not so secret detox secret.


Face Masks

Here is the fun part to me. I love doing face masks. My daughter has become a skincare junkie like her mom, she has her own collection of skincare masks as well. I try to stick to all natural skincare masks, but depending on the season and the needs of my skin I will use .

top 3 skincare masks


Now there are plenty of other things that can be done on #selfcaresunday but these four are by far my personal favorite. It’s also not even required to do these things on a sunday, as long as you take a little time out each week to focus on you!


As always, thank you so much for stopping by! I appreciate each and every one of you!


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Do any of you ladies practice self care on the weekends? If so what do you like to do?

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