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How to Smudge your Home


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A few weeks ago on my IG story I posted about something that I have incorporated into my life within the last few years, which is smudging my house with sage.

For those of you who do not know what smudging actually is, it is a practice that originated in the Native American culture and consists of burning sacred herbs for spiritual cleansing as well as energy healing.

I will say that by no means am I an expert in this. I am still learning. A few years ago I wanted to find something to help me reset the energy in my most sacred place, my home, and after watching various YouTube videos I found this method to be most fitting.

I do not have much company in my house at all. however, I do believe that it is especially easy for those of us who encounter various people on a daily basis to easily attach onto the energy that they carry, regardless of whether it is good or bad.

Everyone does their smudging routine differently however this is what i found to work best for me. MY regular smudging routine

A few times a month


I spend a dedicated amount of time (a whole day/ weekend etc.)to thoroughly clean my apartment from top to bottom.

Set an intention for my space

This is an important step. I try to make sure I am in a good space( not stressed, worried, anxious etc.) when I do this (nine times out of ten I am because cleaning makes me happy).I almost always set in my mind that I would like for my space to be loving, drama free and positive.

Open all of the windows inside of the apartment.

Do not burn sage in an enclosed space. I say this for obvious safety reasons but also because it will be of benefit if your goal is to remove negative and stagnant energy from your home.

Light the sage and allow the smoke to flow through my apartment

I usually start at the furthest end of my apartment, which is my daughters room and move clockwise throughout my home. This process is not short and depending on the strength of your sage stick, you will have to light it a couple of times. I did purchase a cute plant holder from Big Lots that I keep my ashes in, so they don’t fall on the floor.

Here is what I generally do once a year ( I probably should be doing this more often but girl, this is tough lol)

Yearly Smudging Routine

My Yearly Smudging routine

I repeat everything that I do in my regular smudging routine the only difference is how I clean my apartment.

Declutter and Organize

I try to clear out and declutter as much as I can (this sometimes take me a whole month to do, but this year I had so much going on I couldn’t do everything, so I skimmed through this part lol.

Clean all entryways

I clean all entryways into my apartment (window sills and doors)
I have recently started transitioning from chemical to non chemical household supplies, so I usually use the Method Brand for my actual cleaning. After cleaning my home with the Method cleaner, use the following blend, which is supposed aid with the goal of getting rid of negative energy.

My favorite Natural Cleaning Supplies
I absolutely love the Method Brand. I’m transitioning to a chemical free lifestyle and these products smell amazing!

Negative energy cleansing mixture:

Warm water
Lemon slices or lemon juice
Small drop of ammonia

After I clean all the entryways, I follow the same routine I do monthly.

After I complete this routine  I feel such a relaxing calm when I enter my home that is hard to describe unless you do it!

Smudging your home is not for everyone. But if it is something that sparks your interest, I say research it and try it.

There are some shops around Los Angeles that sell sage sticks. You can also find websites online who carry them as well.

As always, thank you so much for taking the time to stop by my blog today! I appreciate each and every one of you!

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