Pescatarian Meal Plan: (plus how to shop healthy on a budget!)

Pescatarian Meal Planning

I am still truckin’ along trying to make it through 28 days of a Pescatarian diet. Currently I am at day 17, which is amazing, but besides that last week I finished the 10 day cleanse and I started to feel a bit overwhelmed figuring out how to transition into a plant based pescatarian diet looking at all of the Pinterest recipes.

There is entirely TOO MANY IDEAS on Pinterest!

So yesterday I decided to go to my local Aldi store to grocery shop and sis, your girl came up.

My mom has been raving about this store and they just put one literally about a minute away from my job and it is absolutely amazing. They have a lot of your staple fruits and vegetables for a ridiculously low price but besides that they had some amazing items for a new pesca-vege-tarian like myself.

Pescatarian Meal Planning

And besides that, I got all of this for under $60 dollars. This will last me for the next 2 weeks so I am winning.

Now, on to the good stuff

How I will Meal Prep

Breakfast/ Lunch

Healthy Breakfast for Pescatarian

I have not always been a breakfast person, but I am a huge fan of breakfast smoothies. They are light, give you energy and easy and quick to make. I plan on just mixing random fruits with greens and adding the protein and flax seed. I found that the lunch smoothies helped me to keep my energy levels up and I never feel “fat and nasty” after lunch. I love how eating lighter makes me feel in general.

Snacks (Not pictured)

At my job I am not able to snack in between breakfast and lunch, but I always have snacks on hand just in case I do get hungry. Typically I keep a natural snack bar in my bag, tuna, carrots, boiled eggs, small salad, homemade vegetable pack or something along those lines.


Pescatarian meal prep

As someone who is trying to implement a pescatarian diet, I want to be sure I do not overly consume seafood. I want to still be healthy, get all of my nutrients through a plant based diet, and use seafood when I feel like I need meat. I am also trying to be sure I don’t purchase too many “meat-less” products, but I have not yet tried a veggie burger and I wanted to see how it tastes. I have plenty of vegetables I had previously bought so I didn’t have to purchase any, and I will meal prep for about 3 days to keep me on track with my plan.

Tips for healthy grocery shopping on a budget

  1. Don’t go to the store hungry I know it sounds crazy, and I actually was hungry when I went to the store yesterday, but do not do this! Your wallet will thank you later.
  2. Plan what you are getting before you even go into the store– Make a list. My Aktive Planner has meal planning and meal prepping pages that will make it so easy for you to stay on track.
  3. Frozen fruit and vegetables are my best friend– if you are not able to buy fresh fruits and vegetables, buy frozen. That works best for me because I don’t have the time or energy to go to the store during the week.
  4. Only get what you need- I had to learn how to do this recently myself. If you only go to the store once or twice a month, only buy what you need for that month. It helps you not only save money in the store but it also helps with not having food going bad cause you don’t use it.

That’s it for today loves. Are you meal Planning this week? Any tips you would like to share?

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