Why We need to listen to our body

Why we need to listen to our body

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I hope your day has been nothing short of amazing so far! Today I wanted discuss a topic that I feel we don’t really realize the importance of because we are so consumed with and busy in our day to day lives. Although my whole purpose behind this blog is to show and be an example of how to lead our lives successfully while still being healthy, there is another important aspect of that, which is

We need to listen to our body

Now, I know I have mentioned in a previous blog post, how there is a very fine line between finding excuses to be lazy and our bodies actually telling us something as it relates to working out. Once you get on your journey you will learn the difference between the two.

It is very important to understand

Whenever your body is telling you something listen to it

It is absolutely ok to rest, as long as you need to

I learned this lesson the hard way after an injury. Our bodies have a way of telling us when we need to rest, not only rest days from our workouts but getting actual relax. In the case of myself, over this past weekend, I slept well over 12 hours. Although I had an extremely long to do list, I allowed my body the rest it needed.

Make your health a top priority

Stay on top of your health. Get all of the required preventative screenings each year. If you stay on top of your health in this way, it will be easy to determine when your body tells you something is wrong.

Eliminate stress

Let’s face the facts and the truth, there are some millennial women out here who like to be stressed out and enjoy telling the world how stressed we are. As if being stressed out is supposed to be normal.

News Flash: Being stressed is not a badge of honor nor is it something to be proud of.

If anyone understands how hard life is, it is me. As I have gotten older I realized that everything always works itself out in the way that it is meant to work out. So why stress over it? I know that nine times out of ten, I would allow myself to stress out about a situation and then looking back on it later I end up asking myself what was I thinking. If we continue to allow stress to control our lives will definitely take a toll on our health, if it’s not already doing so.

At the end of the day, we are only provided with one body. It is only right, especially if we want to live long, fulfilling lives, to take the best care of the body we are provided with.

What do you think? Let me know your thoughts and feedback below.

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