Why Women Need to Practice Self Care + a few ideas to get started

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I hope that your Monday has been treating you amazing so far.

I wanted to discuss something today that is sometimes hard for us to do as busy women, and that is

Take some time to care for ourselves.

As I woman myself, I know this is something that can be quite challenging. Especially when we have businesses, jobs, kids, spouses, our household and let’s not forget dinner and laundry to tend to.  We often become so busy with our day to day lives that we  think that putting our needs off to care for our responsibilities is the just and right thing to do.



Now although I am sitting on my laptop putting together this blog post right now, this is something I struggle with BIG TIME as a mom who works a 9-5, runs a few side hustles, and try to maintain a household.

But I feel this is something that every woman, regardless of their needs to take the time and implement in their busy lives.

Well Char, why should we practice self-care?

Let’s be honest and think about it.

I know I oftentimes find myself feeling overwhelmed with the obligations I have in my life and this is when I know I need to take a little time to focus on myself. I know in the midst of this feeling I oftentimes think  “I really shouldn’t do this for myself, because I could be using this time to spend with my child, or this money to contribute to the household, or new shoes for my child, etc.” and I will talk myself out of not taking some time for myself and I later feel even more frustrated than I did before.

Who can relate?

It doesn’t take much, but once we start to treat ourselves and spend some time alone with ourselves to do what our hearts and our spirits desire outside of being wife, mom, daughter sister, we are better able to serve those around us and be who they need and deserve for us to be.


Hopefully I gave you a clear explanation as to why you should spend some time taking care of yourself, now here are a few ideas you can add into your day:

  • Workout: Now of course I would mention this, lol, but when you make working out a priority you will not only look better, but it will make you feel better about yourself as well. I have not met one person who does not feel better after a good workout. You don’t have to spend hours at a gym either; outdoor workouts and at home workouts are just as effective.
  • Take a bath: This is one of my favorite things I do to unwind and take some time for myself, outside of working out.  I find that after a long day or a long week a nice bubble bath relaxes me both physically and mentally. There are a lot of different products out that you can add to your bath to help you to relax as well.
  • Journaling: I have done this before, and this is something I need to practice again. I think by me being a writer, this is something that has always been therapeutic for me. But setting some time at the beginning or end of each day to write out your thoughts and feelings and see how it helps you.
  • Read a book: Purchase a book you always wanted to read it for 15 minutes daily.
  • Get a massage or a facial: I have not done this lately, but this is something I plan on doing soon.  Its not that expensive either, there are a lot of ways you can find discounts online.

 Hopefully I have you ladies now thinking about your next self care day! 

Which Self Care practice will you add into your day?

As always thank you so much for stopping by! I appreciate each one of you.

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Reading is one of my favorite ways of self care because I get time to be by myself. I love the other self care activities to mentioned because they have become a regular part of my rountine!


One way will definitely apply some self care ,is to book me a massage for birthday. Just a nice spa day/night . 😍😍😍😍

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