Women Blessing Women 2nd Annual Mixer

Hey loves!

Just wanted to pop through quickly with what I would like to call one of my “mini posts”, and tell you all about an amazing event I went to yesterday.

So I have been hearing about this event and non profit organization from my sister friend Suzanne for about a year now, and when she sent me the flyer for this mixer a few weeks ago I automatically knew I wanted to attend. I have only been to a very small amount of networking events and now that I am getting more serious about building the Apree Aktive brand it is now a requirement.

Last week I noticed in my friends networking Facebook group that there was a contest to win tickets to the Women Blessing Women 2nd Annual Mixer as well as the Black Business Women Rock Conference.

Long Story Short. I entered and I won tickets to both amazing of these amazing events.

I just wanted to share with you ladies a few photos from last night.  I met some amazing female entrepreneurs that I definitely want to connect with in the future.

Even if you are not an entrepreneur, I suggest attending Women Empowerment events whenever you can. They will bless your spirit.

If you would like to learn more about the Women Blessing Women non profit organization or how you can donate to this amazing visit

www.womenblessingwomen.org  or you can find them on Instagram here


Women Blessing Women 2nd Annual The Mixer




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