#MotivationMonday You need to set specific Goals in 2019: Here’s why..

You should set specific goals in 2019

Hey loves! Happy New Year!

I hope that you had an amazing start to 2019!

Although some of us was a tad bit late with this, I know that there are some of us ( cough, cough ME!) who did not make the deadline of having our intentions for the New Year set before the end of the old year.

Don’t worry, there is still time.

You should set specific goals in 2019

I decided to do my things a tad bit different this year. I have always been a fan of setting goals, creating vision boards,etc. Those methods have worked for me over the years and there is absolutely nothing wrong them, I have 2 vision boards currently in my room.( one for my business and the other for my life goals) However, I began to realize:

I need to be extremely specific about what it is I want in my life.

While setting the regular goals like losing weight and making more money is great, it doesn’t do as much as it would if I was extremely specific about how much weight I intended on losing or the exact amount of money I would like to make . When I did this, I realized it helped me in so many ways :

It helps you break your larger goal into a more manageable goal.

In my past practices of goal setting I would spend time creating boards or a list of goals and they remained just that, my list of goals. I knew that this year I had to go about it a little differently.

You will realize that your goals will be easier to reach than you think.

I don’t know what it is, but once I sat down and made my goals more manageable, I realized that they were not that hard to actually reach.

You are forced to eliminate doubt and fear from your mind

I know you probably thought I was crazy saying that you need to be extremely specific about what you want out of life. That right there is

In essence it all boils down to your mindset as well as your discipline level. I realized the reason why I have not fulfilled my “New Year Resolutions” in the past is because either my mindset or my discipline level was not in the right place.

In order to shift my mindset this year, I decided to step away from the term Resolutions and switch to the idea of intentions. I think doing this will help me decide in my mind that these things need to get done as opposed to just letting sit on my “goals “ list and never actually getting done. If that makes sense.

So if you have not set your goals for 2019 yet, trust me it is not too late. Hopefully these tips will guide you towards more meaningful goals out of this year so you will be ready to set some new ones!! I’m excited with the intentions I set for this year.

With that being said, what are some of your intentions for 2019?

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Great advice! Got me inspired for the new year. Thanks for sharing!


Thank you so much for reading I appreciate it!


Thanks for sharing your post on goal-setting! I always struggle a bit with setting achievable, smaller goals so I need to work on this!


I completely understand because I struggle with this as well. I think if we keep trying to make the effort we will get there!


Such an interesting and motivating post, I loved reading every minute of it!


I am so glad you enjoyed it! Thank you!!!


Yesss! I think I needed this today! Thank you for always keeping it real and reminding me it’s less about resolutions and more about living intentionally! XO


Thank you for stopping by! I am happy I was able to help

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